Overhear is an unvarnished recording between two remarkable people. It's about creating a space for two people to share their profound lives and thoughts without pretense, varnish and partisanship. The conversation begins with autobiographical introductions which are followed by a pithy and profound question about their discipline. The conversation goes where it will. In the end, we have a few precious breaths on tape, a sliver of the magic contained in a once in a lifetime exchange.

Chris Daradics' Bio

My time studying at St. John's College and developing the Leaders Engaging in Authentic Dialogue series with the University of Oregon's Holden Leadership Center are the wind in Overhear's sails. I've taught for the last six years in a variety of venues from special ed in a public middle school, dean and instructor in a private religious high school to teaching undergrads at university.

I live in Eugene, Oregon and I offset the noise pollution I create while playing the drums by driving a very stylish and highly efficient '85 red Honda scooter (RIP my dearly beloved scooter, 1998-2010).


Photo: Scott R. Larsen