Life Happens

Overhear has been in a bit of a holding pattern for the last few months.  Personal business has kept me from being able to devote any emotional or cranial energy to the program.  Looks like things are settling down and I'm getting my Overhear mojo back.  Stay tuned.


Series One

Anyone who has the opportunity to meet, let alone listen in on, folks like these is fortunate.  If others feel half as blessed as I do in listening to these conversations, I'll be heartily satisfied.  Here's the lineup for the first series of Overhear recordings:

Date------>Topic: Participants

5/21------> The Human Voice: Caitlin Crosby & Townsend Coleman

6/4-------> Possibility in Business: Duke Stump & Gregor Barnum

6/17------> Mental Clarity: Amy & Michelle (Both in substance abuse recovery programs)

7/1-------> Tools & Creativity: Jeff Nentrup & Gabe Watkins

7/15------> Efficacy: John Frohnmayer & Dave Frohnmayer

7/29------> Stories: Peter Aguero & Jim O'Grady


The Frohnmayers in conversation, tonight...

I'm sitting on the edge of my seat for tonight's conversation between John & Dave Frohnmayer at the UO!!  The conversation will be amazing and it will be great to meet some of Overhear's new fans.  If you miss, it rest assured we'll capture the audio and run it as an Overhear episode.

See ya there!


To edit, or not to edit

Dana Gioia offered the following advice for my show.

"... find the right talkers, record them well, and then edit well.
Editing is a key part of the creative process."


Looks like to edit wins.  Unedited conversations are a pretty idea, but I've learned, not so pretty to listen to.


Class Interview

These questions were sent in from my class.  Let's call it my first interview:
B. asks "how is your trip in LA going?"
B., the trip to LA is great.  I'm kind of from LA so it is much less tiring and frenetic than the crazy hustle and bustle of New York City.  Even though I moved away from LA because it was too busy and crazy it seems like a walk in the park compared to NYC.
M.- "Do you like your trip so far?
M., the trip has been amazing.  I had never been to New York before so that was really exciting.  I love cities and I especially like riding on subways, so that was way cool. But the best part has been getting to listen in to the conversations I've set up between the different people I've been able to visit.  It is inspiring to be able to listen to people talking who are excited about and good at what they are doing.
T.-"Hope your having a good time old man!"
T., I'm having a great time and so is my mustache, but I've decided that the mustache will not make it home with me.  It is time for it to go.  Do you want me to save it for you, so you can wear it?
H.-"How are your interviews going?"
H., that is so considerate.  Thanks for asking.  The interviews have all been great.  I chose these people to talk to because they are all doing interesting things in life, so to hear them talk about all the fun they are having and the difference they are making in the world is like getting to eat your favorite dessert over and over again without getting sick!  In fact, it makes you feel better every time you eat it.  Yea, the interviews are going very well.  Thanks!
M.-"Who did you get to interview ?"
M.,  the easiest way to answer that question will be for me to put their names in a list below and have you go look at the info I put on my blog page about each one, if you want to find out more.  The blog page of weoverhear.com has info on most all of these folks, but of course there was some last minute shuffling around so not all of them are on the blog yet:
Duke Stump & Gregor Barnum (Inspired Business)
Peter Aguero & Jim O'Grady (Where Stories Come From)
Two Anonymous AA/NA Members (Mental Clarity)
Jeff Nentrup & Gabe Watkins (Creativity & Tools)
Townsend Coleman & Caitlin Crosby (The Human Voice)
Arthur Joseph & (my brother) Kurt Daradics (Connecting)
B.-" How long was the plane ride?"
B., great question.  The first plane ride from Eugene to NYC (Laguardia-Hayden) was broken up into two flights and it took me all day.  The second flight was direct from NYC (JFK) to LAX and it took just about five hours.
K.-" What was the interview about? When will we get to hear them online?"
K., see above for the who/what.  They will come out for sure on my website, and probably soon thereafter on the itunes store, one at a time, starting in about three weeks.  When I get home I've got to figure out which recording to put out first and then it will take a week to edit it and get it all ready for people to listen to it. Then I'll edit one a week and put it out when it's all ready to go.
J.-" What city did you like best?"
J.,  New York was so new to me and new always seems impressive (I've got a few pictures to share when I get back) and LA is pretty familiar.  So, I'd have to say I preferred the bright lights and big city feel of NYC.  Plus, I had the added benefit of being less than a block from central park.  I could even see it out my window.  That was thanks to some very generous and kind friends of mine.
F.-" Who did you go with?"
F., Sponge Bob and Squidward, of course!  No, really I went all by my self.  Sometimes it is fun to do something all by your self.  But I also knew that I'd make a lot of new friends along the way.  And boy have I ever met some of the coolest people!
Breawna ask "How is your wife?"
Breawna, Kristen is good, but I think all the work I've been doing has made her miss me a lot.  Also, she has helped me quite a bit so even she is tired too.  When I get home I'm going to give her a big hug and KISS!  She has been so patient while I've been working I think she deserves the royal treatment when I get home.  I'm sure you'd agree, right?
"Chris, did you miss us, as much as we missed you?"
Probably, I've thought about you guys every day and can hardly wait to get back to the classroom and get back to work with you little cherubs.  I certainly haven't been doing enough dancing or laughing without you guys around.
E.-"What part of LA are you in? Did you get to go to any amusement parks? What does New York look like?"
E., I've been mostly on the northwest side of LA.  Yea, I'm not too far from Magic Mountain, but I went there a million times as a kid and I'm not here to have that kind of fun, but another kind of fun.  New York looks like a very big, fancy and crowded version of downtown Eugene.  The buildings are one hundred times taller, the streeets are two hundred times louder and more crouded and the buildings are fivehundred times fancier and more beautifull.  Other than that they are pretty much the same.  
R.-" You are such a cool Dude, I hope you come back sooon!"
R., the only cool dude around here is you.  I will come back soon, and if even I am a cool dude, well, then you and I will be cool dudes together, even though I'm not really convinced that I am a cool dude, but anyways, I will be back--that's the truth--and you will be there, and together we may or may not be cool dudes.  But of course you are!  You are a cool dude, and I miss you and everyone very much.
K.-" Did you see the statue of Liberty or ground zero? Did you get to stay somewhere cool? Where did you have your interviews?"
K., YEA AWESOME we flew into the city right over the Statue of Liberty and right over Manhattan.  So, at first I saw it all from the air.  Then I took the subway and walked around.  I did see ground zero and the Empire State Building, the Chriistler Building, the Statue of Liberty, the New York Stock Exchange, Trump Tower, Rockefeller Plaza, Radio City Music Hall, Times Square, Central Park and even Grand Central Station (Bryant it was AWESOME you'd love it!!).
I stayed in a few places, mostly by central park on the upper west side.  I recorded all the conversations in the folks homes who agreed to talk to me.
K.-" What's the most surprising thing that has happened so far?"
K.,  the most surprising thing has been how beautiful New York City and State are.  One day I drove up through New Hampshire to Vermont and the entire way, from where I picked up the rental car in NYC all the way to Vermont, IT WAS GORGEOUS!  I was amazed and it made an otherwise tiring drive very enjoyable.
K.- "Have you seen any movie stars or the Lakers?"
K., no I haven't seen any Lakers, I might have seen some movie stars in NYC but I'm never very good at telling if the person I'm looking at is who I think it might be.
C.- "When will you be back?"
C., I will be back to school on Monday, April 26th.  Can you write it on the calendar for me?  That way, everyone will be able to remember when to expect me.
Thanks so much for the great questions.  I can't wait to get back to the classroom and tell you about all of my exciting adventures and hear what exciting things have transpired in my absence.
Lots of love.