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Possibility in Business

Duke Stump, who spent more than 15 years at Nike as a Brand VP, talks with Gregor Barnum, Director of Corporate Consciousness at Seventh Generation, about what business has the potential to accomplish.

Possibility in Business: Stump & Barnum

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This conversation brought to mind a phrase that was talked about a lot a few years back, "true cost ecoonomics", which is an analysis of business which encompasses more than the raw dollars generated by a particular business endeavor. (http://www.answers.com/topic/true-cost-economics)
Using this model would include the expenses of health care when discussing how much cigarettes really cost us, for example.
When we raise our consciousness as consumers and business people to include the true costs (and unseen benefits as well) of doing business, we will have to have a severe shift in the lines between ethical and unethical practices, and there may just be more inspiration available to fuel positive fires.

Thanks to all three of you for helping to shift the model to something more humane and less insane.

June 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterian nickus

For me, this conversation's reality hit home in a way of making me think differently, and also was exactly what I needed to hear to assure me that I am not alone. I am not alone as a recent graduate, looking at the business world as a painful thing. I am also not alone in looking at our world as having endless possibilities, more than ever before, and entertaining the idea that with a little determination and creativity, I could contribute to a better world.

I was very happy to hear one of the speakers (Duke?) mention Charity:Water. I discovered this organization, and its founder Scott Harrison recently all by accident. As a college graduate of one year I have joined the throngs of people searching for a job. Amidst this job search, I also have a deep desire to not only find a job that I love, but to find one that helps people. As a graduate in Graphic Design, I find myself sometimes almost fearing the Marketing and big business world. The fear is that I will get caught up in it and lose the focus on helping people, and instead feel the pain and the emptiness of business. One day while searching the internet to see if my "dream job" could ever really exist, to be the graphic designer for a successful non-profit that TRULY helps people all around the world, I found the link to a video on Victoria Harrison, the director of design and branding for Charity:Water. Here is the link: http://www.shatterbox.com/video/charity-water

Victoria Harrision proves that it is possible to use her talents to serve a non-profit in a whole new way. The business plan behind Charity:Water is unique, and as Duke and Gregor were saying, there is both pain and possibility in business. But both men had an encouraging view, that the world can use business to create conditions for things to thrive and flourish.

June 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJenny Prickett

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